Cleaning Up w/ Jenn Welch – Rocky Powell!

  Latest episode of Cleaning Up w/ Jenn Welch, featuring one of the funniest ladies I know, actress and improvisor Rocky Powell.  I put away a lot of clothes (life is just a series of meaningless events that happen between long periods of folding clothes), and... read more

Tight Five at Treehouse 154!

  Bah! It’s like these shows just pop up out of nowhere! It’s already time for our next installment of Tight Five. NYC’s best up-and-coming comedians doing their TV-ready tight five sets! Say you saw them before they were on Fallon! Only... read more

Hack Night

My Tight Five co-host Justin Perez produced this show in which 51 comedians each get two minutes to do their hackiest material! (not sure why *I’m* on the line-up…nothing I write could possibly be hacky…) Free at Brit Pack in Soho, which is one of my... read more

The Draft!

Friday, July 3rd, 7:30pm at Treehouse154! I’m so excited for this show because it’s always fun to share the stage with students.  Decisions tend to be a bit more wackadoo and therefore scenes go to crazy places.  Also, my beloved Carpenter Jay Malsky is on... read more


Performing tonight, June 24th, at the Awooga Comedy Hour at the PIT!  Super excited about this one – it’s comedy darling Tovah Silbermann’s birthday show!  If you don’t know Tovah, you should.  Seriously.  You... read more